Black's Machine is the one of the last bosses of Bomberman '93. It is the final boss, after Black's Cycle Gang. The passenger is Black Bomberman. It appears in Planet Techo.


First form

After Black's Cycle Gang is defeated, the arena will close in to a 9x11 grid. The robot can moves in a bottom line on the arena (from whichever side is furthest from player), and can harm Bomberman on collision, whenever if he's in edges of arena when the robot changes position. The red weak spot is vulnerable if is paused.

After 2 hits, will reveal the attack pattern: it will appear on whatever wall is closest to Bomberman and fire it's fists forward (which they will swap positions in the center of arena and the player can't stand there). Contact with fists harm Bomberman. After, it will shoot two streams of fire. The fire will snake along the corridors of arena before reaching the opposite side, and will erase any bombs in contact and harm Bomberman. This pattern will repeat whenever if this form do not be defeated. Require 6 hits to defeat.

Second form


After the first form is defeated, the robot body explodes and Black will be left inside of the head of the machine. On land, will follow Bomberman and can be vulnerable to hit. If see a bomb, will fly up on the air and fires four furnace clouds in four cardinal directions, which can harm Bomberman and will detonate any bombs to touching them. After, it plants a trail of bombs diagonally on left. If it is on the air, it's invencible. 6 hits to defeat.

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