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The title "Black's Cycle Gang" is unofficial because the subject's actual title is unknown.

Black's Cycle Gang (unofficial name) is the one of the two last bosses in Bomberman '93.


The gang (consisting of Red Bomber, Blue Bomber, Green Bomber, and Yellow Bomber) is fought prior to Black's Machine. They appear on Planet Techo.


In the first stage of the fight, all four Bombermen drive on motorcycles, which can pursue Bomberman at a close-range if he's in line of sight by doing wheelies and can plant Land Mine Bombs that has a blast radius of 2.

Each of them takes 2 hits to defeat, and yields a score of 2000 points. After their defeat, Bomberman faces Black Bomberman in his machine.


  • Oddly, Black's Cycle Gang are the only boss to not have a comedic scene with Bomberman.