Bell Roller is the second of three final bosses in Super Bomberman 5. It is the skeletal interior of the previous boss Jiriringer, which is piloted by Terrorin. If faced in Zone 5-J, it is the final boss, but in Zone 5-I, Terrorin will be fought face-to-face after its destruction.


Bell Roller floats high above the ground at the top of the screen, slowly following the player's horizontal movements. After a short while, it will perform one of two dash attacks. In one type of attack, it will drop its arms to the ground and pose, waiting for a moment before it rolls down toward the bottom of the screen, springing back up into the air upon reaching the bottom of the screen. In the other attack, it drops its arms, raises its body, and immediately rolls toward the bottom of the screen, shaking the arena and freezing the player for a short amount of time. After performing either attack, it slowly moves back to the top of the screen and repeats its movement pattern.

If one of the bells on the end of either of its arms collides with a bomb, the bomb will be thrown away from Bell Roller. Players will take damage if they are hit by one of the bells while they are rolling along the ground, or if they are crushed under Bell Roller's body during its screen-shaking attack when it slams down on the very bottom row of the arena. While it is flying in the air, it is completely harmless.


Bell Roller can only be damaged while its arms are on the ground, and only its body can be damaged. The recommended strategy is to wait on the third tile space from the bottom of the arena until Bell Roller touches down and strikes its pose, inititating its first type of dash attack. The player can then move around a Hard Block and out of range. When the boss rolls down, the bomb will detonate at just the right time so that it causes damage. This can be repeated several times without putting the player in much danger. The same strategy can be attempted to attack Bell Roller during its screen-shaking dash, but since the boss's body is lifted higher during that attack, bombs must be placed higher and earlier in order to explode on time, or they must be chained in a vertical line.


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