Bead Bomb (ビー玉ボム, Marble Bomb, in Japan)[1] is an item that appears in Saturn Bomberman. It allows the player to fire bombs across the map.[2] By pressing and holding the C button while standing in place, a bomb is dropped, and the player begins to flicker yellow at a faster and faster pace while a beeping sound occurs. Once the player is completely yellow, the bomb will move directly beneath him or her. The player can then walk around for a short amount of time, with the bomb following directly beneath his or her feet. Releasing the C button will cause the placed bomb to move very quickly in a straight line in whichever direction that the player is facing. Once it collides with a wall or a player, it will detonate on impact. If the C button is not released in time, then the bomb will drop and act normally.


  • This item is a reference to the B-Daman toys that were originally based off of Bomberman.
  • The name "Bead Bomb" is a mistranslation of "Bidama Bomu", meaning "Marble Bomb".
  • The Japanese manual incorrectly pairs this item's description with an image of the Mine item, while the Mine item's description is paired with an image of the Marble Bomb.


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