Beach Zone (みずべぞーん, Water Zone, in Japan) is the third zone in Bomberman Quest. It is a large beach filled with lots of water. It lies to the east of Peace Town. The boss here is Hurricommander.




  • 5-F - Gargoyle is faced here. The path to the left leads to Peace Town, while the upper path leads to the Forest Zone. The entrance to Cave 1 is in the lower-left corner.
  • 5-G - Gell is faced here.
  • 5-H - If Bomberman dances in front of the Bomberman statue with the !? item, the Teleport Armor will appear. This area can only be reached from 4-H in Forest Zone.
  • 6-E - Dragon Pup is faced here. The western path to the Desert Zone will be opened once Hurricommander has been defeated.
  • 6-F - Krabbler is faced here. The entrance to Boss Cave 3 is in the upper-right corner.
  • 6-H - Despider is faced here. The entrance to Cave 2 is in the upper wall.
  • 7-E - If Bomberman uses the Teleport Armor to access the watery area, he can uncover a Boomerang with the Shovel.
  • 7-G - The Jump Shoes or the Wings are required in order to descend further into Beach Zone.
  • 7-H - There are no secrets to be found here.
  • 8-E - There is a large pool of water. Puuyan is faced here.
  • 8-F - Iceal is faced here.
  • 8-G - The entrance to Cave 3 is here.
  • 8-H - A treasure chest containing the Gold Armor is on the right side of the screen. The Glasses are required in order to make it appear.

Cave 1


The Speed Bomb and the Power Glove are required in order to get a bomb over to the right side of the screen and activate the two switches and lower the obstacles. The treasure chest contains the Lamp.

Cave 2


  • 2-2 - Radiobomb Jr. is faced here.
  • 2-3 - The four switches must be activated simultaneously in order to lower the obstacle. The Remote Control is required in order to do so. Bombs with cross-shaped explosions must be used, and a Fire level of 3 is needed. This can be achieved by either upgrading a bomb with Fire items or by equipping the Full Fire.
  • 2-4 - Matango is faced here.

Cave 3


The entirety of Cave 3 (どうくつ3) is pitch black. The Lamp must be equipped in order to see any of the rooms.

  • 3-1 - The Jump Shoes or Wings are required in order to cross the pit. There are many Land Mines on the other side, which can only be identified by two pixels.
  • 3-2 - There are Collapsing Floors here, which may be passed safely with a speed-boosting item. The four switches will lower the obstacles in 3-3 when activated.
  • 3-3 - Seeballon is faced here.

Boss Cave 3


  • 3-1 - The Hammer is required in order to continue forward. The switch in this room will lower the first set of obstacles in 3-2.
  • 3-2 - The second set of obstacles will be lowered when the switch is activated. An arrow-firing device shoots arrows through the upper path.
  • 3-3 - Skullhead is faced here.
  • 3-4 - The Power Bracelets are required in order to push the rocks and continue forward.
  • 3-5 - Pinokion is faced in this Spike-filled room.
  • 3-6 - This room has three Iron Balls, which rotate slowly.
  • 3-7 - The Wings are required in order to reach the treasure chest, which contains the Remote Control
  • 3-8 - There are Falling Rocks in this room. The Helmet can offer protection as Bomberman crosses the pits.
  • 3-9 - Hurricommander is faced here. After Pyro Commander has been defeated, Deral will be faced here.


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