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Ha! I'm not done yet! Let's go Bassary!

Cyclone Bomber, Bomberman World

Bassary (also dubbed Bassari by Atlus) is the second boss of Bomberman World. Its pilot is Cyclone Bomber.


  • Bassary moves slowly, pursuing Bomberman. It passes over bombs and will damage the player on contact.
  • Bassary will stop and fire spinning blades in eight directions, one after another, clockwise. It then pauses before firing eight more blades in the same direction, counterclockwise. The blades will damage Bomberman on contact.
  • Spikes come out of Bassary's midsection and begin to spin. Bassary then speeds up and pursues Bomberman for some time. When it stops moving, there is a long delay before it retracts its blades and resumes its regular movement pattern.
  • Bassary's body stops moving and its head detaches. The head jumps around from place to place near the body several times before reattaching.

Challenge Mode[]

  • The boss also appears in Challenge Mode. It features the same behavior as in Story Mode, with slightly differences; In 2 Minutes Mode, it requires 3 hits to defeat, while in 5 Minutes Mode it requires 5 hits. 30,000 points for defeating it are awarded at the score result.


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