It's about time you showed up, Bomberman! I am Baruda, big brother Endol's first pupil!

Baruda, Bomberman Hero

Baruda is the second boss in the game Bomberman Hero (aside from Nitros). He is the second of the Big Four (also called the Four Devils of Garaden). He is a big bird with sunglasses and is fought on Primus Star.

Bomberman must use the Bomber Copter and fly directly above him and drop bombs on top of his head, which is his weak point. He can shoot laser beams or send balls of energy floating through the air. After enough hits to the head, Baruda was destroyed in a similar explosion to Endol (minus the dollar bills).

After Nitros restored Bagular to life, Bagular in turn restored Baruda to life along with the others. He is fought in Boss Room 2 at Garaden Star, this time with Bomberman standing on a big platform of solid ground. His head is still his weak spot, and he attacks by flying at Bomberman, then shooting a laser at him (he blows up like a balloon when he is about to do this). Enough hits to the head brought Baruda down for good.

When Bomberman meets Baruda, he says that he is Endol's younger brother and his first pupil.


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