Baron Bombano (ボンバーノ男爵, Bonbāno Danshaku, in Japanese) is a boss from Super Bomberman 5. He is one of the members of the Fiendish Bombers. He wears a cape and has a moustache. He is one of three possible bosses of Zone 4. He rides Warooi in his boss fight and his abilities include being quick, creating Skull and Geta items, and having bombs with the Full Fire. He can also create other items, because his arena has no Soft Blocks and is one of two bosses in Super Bomberman 5 to have an arena with no Soft Blocks, the other being Terrorin, which is an advantage to the player. Upon his defeat, a Tracing Bomb will appear.



  • If the player becomes "diseased" from the Skull item, they can pass it along to Baron and make his ability backfire.
  • Despite the nickname "Baron", he is a criminal impostor. However, he is a baron because of his high rank in the group.
  • He is Bomber Woof's master.
  • His Japanese name can also be read as "bonbā no danshaku," meaning "Baron (of) Bombers", though it's corrected as "Bonbāno Danshaku", meaning "Baron Bombano".
  • Baron Bombano is the true strongest of the Fiendish Bombers, so strong he can overpower Muscle Bomber because his stats are higher.
    • As mentioned earlier, because of his high rank in the group, Baron Bombano is the leader.


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