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Baku Bomberman Official Guidebook is the official guidebook for Baku Bomberman (Bomberman 64). It provides detailed information on the game's stages, items, enemies, secrets, general strategies, and so forth. It was published by Shogakukan.


The entire book is divided into three chapters. After each chapter, there are two yonkomas by Atsushi Musashino.

1 - Basic System Guide[]

This chapter begins on page 3. All player controls are described in the Basic Techniques section, while the Item Introductions section lists all of the items within the game.

2 - Story Mode Guide[]

This chapter begins on page 9. The basics of gameplay, such as bomb jumping and the collection of Gold Cards, are outlined. For each stage, enemy characters are briefly described, maps are provided along with walkthroughs for each area, Gold Card requirements and locations are revealed, the locations of Custom Parts are given, and boss moves and strategies are provided.


Table of Contents

  • STAGE 1 - pg. 16
  • STAGE 2 - pg. 27
  • STAGE 3 - pg. 37
  • STAGE 4 - pg. 49
  • STAGE 5 - pg. 61
  • STAGE 6 - pg. 77

At the end of this chapter, on pages 90-91, there is a list of all Custom Parts and the stages in which they are located.

3 - Battle Mode Guide[]

This chapter begins on page 93. Basic rules and strategies for Battle Mode are outlined at the beginning of the chapter. Maps, features, and stage-specific strategies are provided for each of the ten Battle Stages.

Secret File[]

This section begins on page 109. Within this section, the secrets to unlocking Rainbow Palace, the four hidden Battle Stages, the final three Custom Parts sets, and the three secret Options are revealed.