Bakkelon[1] (バケロン, Bakeron in Japanese) is the first boss of Super Bomberman 3. It's passenger is Magnet Bomber.


It is a large kitsune or tanuki like mecha that uses magic leaves and can transform into a will'o wisp.


  • Leaves - If a set bomb lines up with Bakkelon on his left or right side, he will throw four leaves, two to his sides and two diagonally downward. If a set bomb lines up with him directly in front of him, he will throw three leaves, one directly in front of him and two diagonally downward. If a leaf hits a bomb, that bomb will become an apple item. If a leaf hits a Louie, the Louie becomes a slow, powerless turtle for a duration of time. If a leaf hits a player, the player becomes a rabbit for a duration of time.
  • Transform - Occasionally, Bakkelon will transform into a large will-o'-the-wisp and moves quickly toward one of the players in a straight line.[2] While in this form, four smaller wisps rotate around him; if these wisps are destroyed, Bakkelon will automatically revert to his fox form.
  • When not attacking, Bakkelon will walk slowly, occasionally turning at intersections.


  • Mini-wisp: 100 points
  • Bakkelon: 5000 points


  • The name "Bakeron" is derived from the Japanese word "Bakeru", which means "to be disguised".
  • When Bakkelon is killed, he blows up into a pile of leaves. Two eyes appear and blink.



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