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Baketama (バケタマ, Baketama) is a ridable enemy from Neo Bomberman. It comes from a biological Egg.


Baketama is found in Stage 2 and Stage 5. It moves at a slow pace, only turning upon collision with a wall or bomb. It tends to turn in a consistently clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It will harm the player on collision and takes 2 hits (all modes) to defeat and yield a score of 400 points.

Upon defeat, Baketama becomes a biological Egg.


When riding Baketama, if the player walks into a bomb (as if to kick it), that bomb will transform into a fake Soft Block, resetting its fuse, yet the player can still kick opponents' bombs. When the fake Soft Block begins to flicker, it will shortly explode as a normal bomb would. This ability can be used to confuse opponents in Battle Mode.


  • Although in actual appearance, Baketama is a tadpole, its name is a portmanteau of "obake" (お化け, ghost) and "tama" (たま, sphere). So, Baketama's name could eventually translate to "spherical ghost tadpole".