Bagura Head is the fifth and final boss of Super Bomberman 4. It is the mechanical form that Professor Bagura took on after having lost his body in Super Bomberman 3.

Phase 1

  • When the battle begins, Bagura Head releases three Elec Bombs, one to the left, one to the right, and one directly in front of itself. The Elec Bombs move slowly, constantly pursuing the player. They will harm players on contact. Although they are referred to as "bombs", they do not explode. They grant 200 points upon destruction, but the boss will replace them if there are less than three on screen at a time.
  • Bagura Head itself moves slowly in large circles, chasing the player. It will harm players on contact, and will eliminate any bombs that it touches.
  • After taking 5 HP of damage, the larger body of Bagura Head will be destroyed, leaving only a saucer. Any remaining Elec Bombs will disappear with no score bonus. The boss then enters Phase 2.

Phase 2

  • The boss moves slowly, passing between blocks and pursuing the player. It will harm players on collision, but it is invincible. If it is hit with an explosion, it will be shoved quickly into the opposite wall.
  • Eventually, Bagura Head will stop moving and begin to charge up an attack. At this point, it is vulnerable. After a while, it issues four explosions, one on each side, which move tile space by tile space in straight lines toward the edges of the screen. These will harm players and detonate bombs on collision.
  • After sustaining 5 more HP of damage, Bagura Head is finally defeated.


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