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For the main series character, see Bagura.

Bagura is one of the main antagonists of the Bomberman Jetters anime. He is the creator of the Hige Hige Bandits, and serves as their leader until Dr. Mechado's coup d'état. Contrary to his portrayal in the Bomberman video games, he is an eccentric, sympathetic and misunderstood old man who is not truly evil.


He used to be friends with Dr. Ein, but when they both fell for White Bomber's grandmother, Momo, they began trying to impress her. In the end, they both decided to ask her out on a date at the same time and see who she went out with, but Momo didn't; instead she chose an entirely different man, who later would become White Bomber's grandfather. The two thought she chose the other one and became rivals. The misunderstanding was not cleared up until Mighty, White Bomber's brother, explained what had happened to Dr. Ein. Bagura, unfortunately, did not believe this until the end of the anime where the two made up again, way after Mechado is defeated and punished. The battle started again when Bagura tripped up and Momo gave him her handkerchief, and when Dr. Ein realized this, he comically threw his drink into Bagura's face.



Apparently, Bagura treats Mujoe as a best friend rather than a lackey, and both swore an oath by breaking chopsticks. Bagura even showed remorse when Mujoe was presumed deceased. However, Mujoe's death was actually a trick, and Bagura became very happy that Mujoe is still alive and well.


Bagura and Ein were originally good friends, but the two had a bitter rivalry over Momo, White Bomber's grandmother.


Bagura sees Momo as a love interest, but she's uninterested in him.


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