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The title "Bagura's Machine" is unofficial because the subject's actual title is unknown.

Bagura's Machine (unofficial name) is the final boss of Neo Bomberman.


It appears in the final area of Stage 5. It is a large machine that was owned by Bagura. Its purpose is prevent White Bomberman, Black Bomber and Pretty Bomber from escaping.

Phase 1[]

Each attack is designated by a color which displays on the front of the Machine.

  • Blue - The Machine moves around the ring in the middle of the map in a clockwise pattern. It will harm the player on collision. The speed of its movement gradually increases as it sustains damages throughout the course of the battle.
  • Red - The first time the Machine makes a full circle (returning to the top side of the ring), it will summon three or four Gaikottsu monsters at the top of the screen. The next time the boss makes a full circle and lands on the right side of the ring, it will perform this attack again. This pattern continues as the boss's next attacking point will be the next clockwise "side" of the circle (up, down, left, or right).
    • The Gaikottsus will harm players on collision. They disappear upon collision with an obstacle or explosion. They are always summoned two tile spaces away from the wall that the boss is closest to, and will rush toward the opposite wall.
    • After sustaining 9 HP of damage, the boss will stop and perform this attack at each side.
  • Yellow - Periodically, when the Machine is at the top side of the ring, it will move down into the center of the ring and charge up before shooting eight energy bolts, one in each direction. The energy bolts fly quickly out of the screen and will harm the player on collision.

Phase 2[]

After sustaining 12 HP of damage, the boss will break free from its circular pattern and will move quickly in diagonal lines, turning at the outer walls of the map and ricocheting around the room. It will still harm the player on collision.

As the boss moves, Soft Blocks in the form of large rocks fall from the ceiling onto random tile spaces. Unlike normal Soft Blocks, the player cannot pass through them even with a Wall Pass or Nucha. Only 19 Soft Blocks can be on the screen at the same time.