Blood! I want to suck your blood! Give me your blood! Bwa ha ha ha!

Baddo, Bomberman Quest

Baddo is an enemy that appears in Bomberman Quest and Bomberman Tournament.

Bomberman Quest

Baddo appears in the Forest Zone. It flies slowly back and forth in a horizontal line, reversing its direction when it reaches the edge of the screen. Occasionally, it will pause and fire three ultrasonic waves in a spreadshot. The waves have a short range, but will harm Bomberman on collision. If Baddo is at the top of the screen, it will fire the waves downward; if it is at the bottom of the screen, it will fire them upward.

When Bomberman gets close to Baddo, it will teleport to the other side of the screen (the top or bottom). Also, because it is airborne, Baddo can only be damaged by bombs that have a circular explosion, such as the Flak Bomb. Thrown bombs will not stun it. However, the Power Glove, Yo-yo or other bomb-moving item may be used to move a bomb closer to Baddo, so that it will not teleport away.

Baddo has 5 HP and yields an Explosive Core upon its defeat.[1]

Bomberman Tournament

Baddo appears in the Desert Zone. It walks around aimlessly, harming Bomberman on collision, until it decides to start flying. When it begins to fly, it shoots a bullet directly at Bomberman.[2] It then continues to fly aimlessly for a while until it lands back on the ground again. While it is flying, Baddo cannot be harmed, and it will not harm Bomberman on collision.


  • This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II.



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