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Artwork from the Super Bomberman 3 manual.

Bad Bomber (みそボン Misobon), sometimes known as Bomber Cart or Revenge Cart, is an option that is available in the Battle Game of some Bomberman games. It first appeared in Super Bomberman 3.

When enabled, Bad Bomber allows eliminated players to appear at the edges of the map and continue to participate in the game by throwing bombs into the arena. Eliminated players may move along the edge of the map and position themselves before making a throw. Once an eliminated player has thrown a bomb into the arena, that player cannot throw any more bombs until his or her bomb has exploded. Bad Bomber bombs have a Fire range of two. Once the time begins to run out (at the moment the Sudden Death appears), however, all eliminated players will be removed from the battle.[1]

In some games, such as Super Bomberman 5, a "Super Dodge System" option for the Bad Bomber mode is available. When Bad Bomber mode is set to "Super", an eliminated player who defeats a player on the map will rejoin the competition, taking the place of the defeated player.[2] Players who are returned to the competition will gain temporary invincibility, but start with the most basic abilities.

In Bomberman Tournament, eliminated players may only move along the left and right sides of the map. A player can switch sides through teleportation by pressing the left or right button.

In Super Bomberman R, the feature returns as "Revenge Carts" they as usual, appear when a player is eliminated, they can throw one bomb, and can move along the the left, right, north, and south sides, using the move controls to move the cart, pressing "A" will throw a bomb, if a player is eliminated with a revenge cart, the player in the cart will rejoin, with the minimum stats, just like at the start of the battle, when 1 minute is left on the clock, the revenge cart leaves the stage. There is also an option to remove revenge carts from the battle.


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