For the similarly-titled Windows game, see Atomic Bomberman

Atomic Bomber is a creation of Bagura whose purpose was to defeat White Bomberman. He appeared in Neo Bomberman.


Atomic Bomber was created by Bagular to destroy Bomberman and Black Bomberman. As the two heroes released the combatants who had been captured by the villains, Atomic Bomber was briefed on his objective to annihilate the intruders.

Bagura sent Atomic Bomber to take care of matters, but Atomic Bomber suddenly rebelled against Bagura by throwning him off-screen just before starting his fight with the heroes.

He was defeated and was never seen again.

Boss Stats

Atomic Bomber begins the battle by placing a bomb and turning on his invincibility. In doing so, he harms himself because the invincibility wears off right before the bomb explodes, so effectively his HP is 4.

  • HP - 5
  • Bombs - At least 4
  • Fire - 5
  • Speed - Fast

Special Ability

By pressing the B button and holding down on the joystick, Atomic Bomber will charge up and become invincible for a short amount of time.


  • Atomic Bomber is the only one of Bagura's minions who has rebelled against or otherwise disrespected him.


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