Artemis (カペラ, or Capella, in Japan) is one of Altair's three subordinates. She operates from an ocean city called Blue Resort.


Prior to the assault on Planet Bomber, Artemis led an attack on an unknown planet, allowing Altair to absorb the planet's energy into the Omni Cube. An entire city was lifted and built into Altair's ship, becoming the Blue Resort - Artemis' domain. Afterwards, the team proceeded to their next target, Planet Bomber.

She confronts Bomberman in the second level of Blue Resort, a battle arena that rises up out of the water. Although she is confident and taunts Bomberman ceaselessly, she is defeated in combat and explodes.


Artemis' main attack is to throw three fireballs simultaneously. She can only execute this attack if her position is at a certain angle relative to Bomberman or if she is far enough away; otherwise, she sets rows of bombs.

Gold Cards

  1. Bounce a pumped bomb off of her head
  2. Catch her in a pumped bomb explosion
  3. Bounce any bomb off of her head while she is throwing fireballs
  4. Defeat her without throwing her over the edge
  5. Defeat her by the target time


  • Artemis is the only one of Altair's henchmen to perish in her first encounter with Bomberman.
  • In an "outtake" of the battle with Artemis in the true ending credits, when Artemis attempts the land on the pillar in the middle of the arena, she misses and falls flat on her face.
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