Artemis is one of the subordinates under the Emperor Altair. Her base of operations is a city near the ocean, called Blue Resort. She led an army of Altair's troops to conquer a planet and take a chunk of it with Altair's ship, and made it the Blue Resort. This was the last planet conquered before Altair attacked Planet Bomber. Artemis is the typical female boss of a Bomberman game who throws three projectiles; in her case, she throws three fireballs simultaneously. Bomberman fights her at Stage 2 of After he defeats her, she explodes in an explosion similar to a pumped red bomb.

An outtake of the battle is shown in the true credits, if the player beats Rainbow Palace; When the battle arena rises from the ocean, and Artemis lands on the pillar in the middle, she misses the pillar and falls face down on the ground.

Gold Cards

  1. Bounce a pumped bomb off her head
  2. Catch her in a pumped bomb explosion
  3. Bounce any bomb off her head while she is throwing the fireballs
  4. Defeat her without throwing her over the edge
  5. Defeat her by target time
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