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Artemis in Bomberman 64

Artemis (カペラ, or Capella, in Japan) is a character of the Bomberman series, one of the three members of the Mask of Trio, being an subordinate of Altair, and a boss in the game Bomberman 64. Artemis is the only female of the group and the one responsable to lead the attacks of Altair's troops to planets. She operates from an ocean city called Blue Resort.


Some time before Bomberman 64, Artemis and her friends helped Altair steal the Omni Cube from Sirius, but, even with the four working together, they were barely able to steal the cube from him. To power the Onmi Cube, the four began draining the energy of planets around the galaxy, with Artemis leading the attacks on each planet, sapping the energy of each area for the Omni Cube. Afterwards, the team proceeded to their next target, Planet Bomber. She was the first of the trio to confront White Bomber and decided to fight him until death. Although she was confident and taunts Bomberman ceaselessly, she is defeated in combat and dies, as she shorted out and exploded.


Artemis is a weird, arrogant, impulsive and confident Bomber with a cowardly nature, as she taunts Bomberman but runs, while placing a bomb, as soon as he approaches, since she prefers to fight at distance. She doesn't seem to think much before acting.


  • Her main attack is getting a few feet off the ground and spitting three missiles-like flames at Bomberman, spray style. The missiles won't do anything, but the explosions will. They can hurt and blow up bombs.
  • If she is close enough, she will only rows of bombs.

Gold Cards

  1. Bounce a pumped bomb off of her head
  2. Catch her in a pumped bomb explosion
  3. Bounce any bomb off of her head while she is throwing fireballs
  4. Defeat her without throwing her over the edge
  5. Defeat her by the target time


  • Many fans believe she is male, because of the male voice actor she has in the English version of Bomberman 64.
  • She is the only bomber under Altair's leadership that actually dies the first time she is defeated.
  • In an "outtake" of the battle with Artemis in the true ending credits, when Artemis attempts the land on the pillar in the middle of the arena, she misses and falls flat on her face.
  • She is the only female of her group, like Beauty Bomber, Lady Bomber and Pretty Bomber are for their groups
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