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Arion is a boss in Bomberman (TG-16). It is the boss of 1-8 and 3-8. It is a winged snake dragon monster.


The boss sometimes gets angered, so it will follow the player at fast speed but then it will return to normal speed. It can pass through bombs. Because of its body, the player should be careful because it can squeeze the player easily. It pursues Bomberman and alternates between a slow and fast pursuit. When it is bombed, the body segments change color, from blue to yellow and finally purple. Once a body segment have moved to its next color phase, it can only be bombed again until all other segments have reached that color. To definitely get rid of it, all segments must be made purple.

It takes 12 hits (2 for each of its 6 body parts) to defeat, and yields a score of 20000 points.

In stage 3-8, two Arions will appear.