For the light blue, cyan or teal Bomberman, see Aqua Bomberman.

Aqua Bomber is the leader of the Dark Force Bombers. He is a powerful warrior who fights with the spirit of water.

Bomberman Wars

In Bomberman Wars, Aqua Bomber makes his first chronological appearance, attacking Bomber Continent alongside the rest of the Dark Force Bombers. He is fought in the Undersea Palace at the southeast point of the map.

Aqua Bomber has both a large movement range as well as a large bomb placement range. Because of this, he is able to place bombs far away from himself, and to also make quick retreats. His special ability is "Bermuda Siren", with which he summons cones of water that surround him on all eight sides, eliminating any bombs on those tiles.

Upon defeat, Aqua Bomber is sealed away in a Blue Crystal by King Bomber.


  • Move - 3
  • Range - 3
  • Special - Bermuda Siren (3 uses)

Bomberman World

Several hundred years after the events of Bomberman Wars, Aqua Bomber is released from his Blue Crystal, revived, and given an upgrade by Bagura. He conquers Planet Ocean and is the fourth and final Dark Force Bomber that Bomberman encounters.

Water Bomber's special ability allows him to float above the battlefield, safe from explosions, and release two torrents of water. The torrents are each four tile spaces long, and pursue Bomberman. They will carry any bombs that they run across. Water Bomber's bombs have a maximum Fire range.

Upon defeat, Water Bomber fights Bomberman with Ikaringer. He is ultimately bested and is once again sealed away in a Blue Crystal.



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