The Aqua Bomb is a type of bomb that appears in some Bomberman games. In games that include the Aqua Bomb, there are underwater areas in which Bomberman cannot place any other type of bomb. Only the Aqua Bomb may be detonated underwater. If it is placed anywhere else, it will defuse and disappear.[1]

In Bomberman Quest, the Aqua Bomb has a circular explosion. When it is upgraded with a Fire item in the Bomb Workshop, the duration of its explosion is extended. When placed in a location that is not underwater, it will immediately begin to defuse and disappear, but can still block Bomberman and enemies.

In Bomberman Tournament, the Aqua Bomb will only begin to disappear when it attempts to detonate. When used with Firekong, they will remain on the screen indefinitely until detonated. It is formed when the RainDrop is taken to a Bomb Shop.[2]


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