Lost Planet Alcatraz is the first level on Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!. This is where Bomberman and Pommy are locked in a prison cell after being sucked into the black hole. Bomberman defeated Baelfael here before destroying a machine and advancing into the Gravity Generator Room. After destroying the gravity generator, Bomberman and Pommy took a BHB Ship from the hangar and flew it to the different planets.

Alcatraz has the easiest gravity generator room. Bomberman must simply find and blow up each of the shield controls before destroying the generator, and with the exception of one, where Bomberman must cross a few gaps (either by bomb jumping or just holding onto the edge), they require no special trick to access them.

Though Baelfael, the Elemental Knight of fire, is fought here, this planet does not seem to have much to do with fire; it is a sewer planet, with tunnels and broken machines. There is also water flowing out of a pipe, which Bomberman must stop by destroying a machine, as Bomberman can't swim.



  • The English titles of Alcatraz and Thantos appear to be accidentally swapped - Alcatraz is actually the Prison Planet, while Thantos should be the Lost Planet. This planet's Japanese title translates to "Abandoned Planet", similar to the current state of the real-life prison on Alcatraz Island.
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