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3-D Bomberman (三次元ボンバーマン Sanjigen Bomberman) is a video game released by Hudson Soft in 1984.

It is the second game ever made in the Bomberman series. While its predecessor was ported to a wide range of Japanese home computers, as well as the British ZX Spectrum, 3-D Bomberman was made for a more limited line of Japanese platforms, such as the MSX and Sharp X1. It is commonly lumped in together with the original Bomber Man.

Changes from prior game[]

The game is essentially a remake of the original Bomber Man, but from a first-person perspective. It resembles many early "3D Maze" games that manipulated 2D backdrops and sprites to give the illusion of a 3D environment. This change makes it far more difficult for the player to gain situational awareness of the map, the range of bombs, and the position and movement of balloon monsters. Additionally, destructible walls have been changed to look identical to destructible ones, which might be due to limitations in the graphics engine.


Sharp X1 version gameplay

The new perspective also creates a new sensation of tension, claustrophobia and surprise, especially when being ambushed from a place the player cannot see. To assist with this, the player is provided with a 2D overhead mini-map in the top right of the screen, though it only shows the immediate surrounding area. Also, the map displays only the relative positions of the player and enemies, as well as the outer perimeter of the stage.

Balloon monsters in the game have been recolored green, and have a much angrier expression. Their expression may have been intended to reflect the fact that they now always actively chase the player. In the first-person view, they look more like giant squares than balloons. The player character is the same man wearing a hat from the original Bomber Man.


Compared to the original Bomber Man, not much is known about the game's release and how it was received, but it is not believed to have been very successful, which may be why Hudson Soft never re-used the concept.



  • Over twenty years later, Bomberman Act:Zero featured a camera mode known as "First Person Bommer." However, this is really a third-person moving camera that closely follows the player.
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